When "Riluzole" is not suitable or is ineffective for MND patients, you should think of CAST

CAST (drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) helps MND (Motor Neuron Disease) patient improve symptoms and prevent disease progression.

Neil is a 54-year-old English gentleman, at the peak of his life, with a career he loves, a warm family and like-minded friends where everything is so beautiful and happy. But at the age of 48 the trajectory of his life suddenly drew a parabola…

Six years ago Neil began to develop weakness of the right leg without obvious inducement and his running was affected. Three years ago his arms were weak and the weight loss was obvious. In October 2016 he was diagnosed as having "motor neuron disease" and was given "riluzole" orally. After taking the drug his limbs were stiff and difficult to move so the drug was stopped.

What shall I do? Getting severe sickness is initially a nightmare, but now the specific medicine recommended by the doctor for the treatment of MND (Motor Neuron Disease) not only does not improve his symptoms, but makes him suffer more. Neil, with his family and friends, could not accept that he would live in pain from now on so they began to search for all kinds of effective treatments for MND. They searched around the world looking at well-known experts and hospitals. Finally, considering the safety, effectiveness and less pain of the treatment, they surely chose Dr. Wu and his team.

In 2017, Neil, accompanied by his family, came to Wu Medical Center. Based on his more than 20 years of successful and rich experience in the treatment of neurological diseases and stem cells, in line with the principles of safe, effective and less pain treatment, as well as the disease characteristics of Motor Neuron Disease, Dr. Wu tailor-made a positive treatment plan with his original creation CAST (Drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) for Neil.

From 2017 to now Neil came to our hospital 3 times for treatment and there was a certain amount of improved motor function after each treatment. The progression of the disease was significantly slower than before.

Let's take a look at the situation and the effect of the 3 treatments that Neil undertook in Wu Medical Center:

Before the 1st round treatment;
Neil's condition continued to progress.
 His muscle bundle tremor.
 The right arm strength of the patient is significantly reduced and the strength of the other limbs are reduced.
 His balance ability decreased.
 It was difficult to go down the stairs.
 He needed assistance in daily life.

After the 1st round 14 day treatment,
 He has better spirit and energy.
 His muscle fasciculation is reduced.
 His physical endurance is better.
 The muscle power of both arms is increased, the left arm increased to level 4+ and the right side increased to level 4.
 He can now walk longer distances.

6 months after the 1st round treatment but before the 2nd round treatment,
 His arms are weak,
 He needs help to go down stairs
 He is able to take care of himself sometimes.

After the 2nd round 13 day treatment,
 Neil's muscle fasciculation reduced and the sport endurance is better.
 The arm muscle power increased 10-20%, his limbs are more flexible and his grip is improved.
 The muscle power of the legs also increased and he walks better.

August 2019 before the 3rd round treatment,
His condition progressed again.
 He began choking and coughing when drinking water.
 There was a weakening of the muscle strength in the proximal end of both arms.
 He was unable to lift things.
 His lifestyle relied on the help of his family.

After the 3rd round 10 day treatment,
 His movement endurance got better.
 His muscle power increased 20%.
 He could now raise his arms higher and his limbs were more flexible.
 He could grasp easier and his hands can do fine movement better.
 He now raised his legs higher and faster and he could walk longer and better.

Neil recovered well after careful treatment by Dr. Wu and his team, both improving the painful symptoms of the disease and preventing the progression of the disease. Although CAST (drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) may be the most advanced treatment in the world at present, it could not help Neil be cured completely. But it has helped Neil, his family and friends to regain the confidence and firmness of his normal life and has rewritten his life track again. We wish Neil all the best!

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