No intrabulbar / Retrobulbar injection, cocktail stem cells therapy of ophthalmopathy with miraculous effects

More advanced, safer, more efficient, no secondary damage eye stem cell therapy 

Stem cell has been well known for the treatment of a variety of incurable and untreatable nervous system diseases, but in fact, the internal environment of healthy people is not easy to accept foreign stem cells and allow them to survive, let alone sick patients. How to make stem cells survive, locate, grow and function effectively in the body is a magical high-end technology. Dr.Wu thus invented the cocktail therapy CAST (drugs Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy), and successfully solved this key tissue after a hard study.

In addition to treating typical neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, MSA, Parkinson's disease, ataxia and dementia, CAST has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of brain injury, spinal cord injury, muscle disease, retinal macular and optic nerve diseases.

As we mentioned earlier, neither Fabrico (ROP), Gianella (Optic Atrophy) nor her sister Berenice (Retinal detachment), received an intrabulbar / Retrobulbar injection from the face when they were treated in our hospital. Dr. Wu did not choose to inject stem cells into the damaged areas of patients' eyes in the most direct way, but tailored and treated them with CAST according to their specific condition, successfully giving them possibly the last opportunity of light.

According to the successful cases in our hospital within more than 15 years and the current related news, CAST can be said to mainly help to treat the intractable eye diseases, the most advanced, safest, most effective and no secondary damage stem cell therapy in the world.

Fabrico (ROP V)

Gianella (Optic atrophy)

Berenice (Retinal detachment)

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