Open Your Eyes to Dawn, Close Your Eyes to Dark.

Stem cells are effective in the treatment of retinopathy of prematurity

Fabrico is a lovely and handsome Portuguese 5-year-old boy, his birth has brought much happiness to his whole family. For some reason the mother could only give birth to Fabrico by caesarean section at 32 weeks of pregnancy and then he was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity two months after birth.

Fabrico, who is 5 years old this year, is smart and lively but the defect of his eyes makes him lose too much joy of someone his age.
When coming to our hospital;
 His left eyeball displayed enophthalmos, when seeing strong light he will close his eyes.
 His right eye has exophthalmos, corneal fog, the eyelid cannot be fully opened, the pupil cannot be seen and there is no sense of light.
In this way the poor boy has been unable to distinguish day from night with his own eyes.

At present, in the traditional medical ophthalmology treatment, the situation like Fabrico's cannot be improved and he will always live in the dark. Dr. Wu has been studying stem cells to treat retinopathy of prematurity for more than 15 years. Although Fabrico has missed the opportunity of traditional ophthalmology, Dr. Wu did not give up on him and the tailored stem cell treatment program has given the boy a chance to rewrite his fate.

After 3 weeks of stem cell treatment;
His left eye has a stronger sense of light and can now locate the light source.

 His right eye protruding symptoms have been clearly improved, it also has a sense of light and can open wider.
A month after he went home he was now able to see moving objects.

The whole family could not help feeling excited, happy and grateful beyond words. Now this 5-year-old boy Fabrico can finally know the meaning of "open your eyes to dawn, close your eyes to dark".

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