Miracle Came Upon Two Sisters

Seven years ago the 11-year-old Argentinian girl Gianella Hermann was suffering from optic nerve atrophy with her left vision lost and her right vision decreased remarkably. She could not read, her colour vision was poor, she could not live without family’s company and help, and she went to a special school. After ineffective treatments at multiple hospitals her father took her to Wu Medical Center as a final, last hope. After 2 circles of stem cell treatment at our center her bilateral vision was remarkably improved. She became able to read and write as normal, to use her mobile and her colour vision became close to normal. She got to live as normal and was admitted to a regular school. Now she is 18 years old and enjoying the life of a normal young person.
Unfortunately her 13-year-old sister Berenice Hermann was also suffering from some eye problem (retinal detachment). Her right eye was blind and her left eye blurred (with only 50% vision). After her sister’s successful treatment she also came to our center for treatment this October. After all of our medical staff’s careful treatment her left eye got 30% visual improvement.
One accidental meeting with Wu Medical Center has brought the two sisters miracle improvements which makes our medical staff and their family joyful and happy!

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