The Israel embassy officials visited Wu Medical Center

Mr. Chaim Martin(Head of Economic Mission) and Miss. Ivy Xia(Trade officer) who works with Israel embassy visited our hospital in 2017-11-16, they visit the patient’s families from Israel, and the patients are really happy to meat Chaim and Ivy, they also visit the single kosher room which was prepared for those families specially, after the visiting, they have a meeting with our chief doctor,  Dr. Wu and Dr. Wang, to get more detail information of our advanced treatment for different kinds of neurological disease and the prospect of stem cell therapy in the future, they are so glad to see those patients can get a new hope here in china, and Mr. Chaim Martin said, he was so impressed for our treatment care for the patients oversea, and our good treatment outcomes, he hope in the future, we can cooperate each other deeply and have more and more effective tech communication with the research center/clinic in Israel, to help more patients suffered a lot.

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