Walk on the road of dreams, make life happier.

CAST (drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) makes SCI (Spinal cord injury) patient regain his self-confidence in life.

Tarek is a 31-year-old handsome Australian young man with many dreams. He dared to think and dared to do and has been in the dream on the road to try rich life experiences, living a colorful, bitter and sweet life.

Tarek dreamed of being a pilot and practiced diligently but he was injured and in a coma due to a plane accident in October 2018 and then underwent craniocerebral and lumbar surgery.

The facial and arm function recovered after the operation but the sensation and movement of both legs were lost and urinary incontinence was present. After 5 months of rehabilitation training the motor sensory function of the lower extremities did not recover. While he could turn over, get up and transfer into wheelchairs it depended on his arm strength.

The ambitious Tarek could not accept the loss of movement and sensation of his legs as well as the various ailments that followed. He even showed symptoms of depression so with his family and friends he used all kinds of strength to search the world for successful treatments that could improve his current condition. After looking at well-known experts and hospitals Tarek finally chose Dr. Wu and his team.

In December 2019, Tarek came to Wu Medical center;
Before the treatment,
 Grade 5 muscle power of his both arms.
 Grade 0 muscle power of his legs.
 Normal muscle tone of the arms.
 Decreased muscle tone of both legs.
 He had normal deep and superficial sensation above T10, almost no deep and superficial sensation under T10,
 No knee tendon reflex and heel tendon reflex, negative ankle clonus and no abdominal reflex.

After a detailed understanding of Tarek's physical condition and personal aspirations, Dr. Wu used his more than 20 years of successful and rich treatment experience in neurological diseases and stem cell treatment. Then, in line with the treatment principles of safety, effectiveness, less pain and no secondary damage, with his original CAST (drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) he tailored the treatment plan for Tarek and successfully carried out treatment.
Everything was progressing smoothly, safely and effectively…

After 14 days treatment,
 Tarek’s bilateral abdominal reflex can be induced,
 His superficial and deep sensation appeared at T11, T12.
 There was normal anterior superior iliac spine of T12.
 His left side muscle power increased to 1+ level from 0 level.
 He could now bend his knees and hips, use his heels to support himself on the bed, could control thighs and move side to side.
 Both his sensation and motor functions increased 20%.

Tarek likes to record his feelings and experiences on Facebook. After finishing his treatment at Wu Medical Center he expressed his heartfelt thanks to Dr. Wu and his team on Facebook. He was confident that the motor and sensation functions of his legs could be better improved.

Tarek has been working hard to realize his dream and we also believe that this talented and smart young man, who has received a lot of help from well-intentioned and capable people, will be successful. Bless you Tarek!

To learn more Tarek Mohamed’s treatment story, please refer to following link:
Tarek Mohamed-Spinal Cord Injury-(Australia)

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