Ronald-Parkinson's disease-(UK)

Name: Ronald George Milhench                       
Sex: Male
Country: UK
Age: 64
Diagnoses: 1.Parkinson's disease 2. Hiatus hernia 3. Hypertension level 1, medium risk
Admission Date: 2011-11-01

Ronald has had slight static tremors in the arms since 2007, along with tightening of the jaw and difficulty writing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at a local hospital but did not get treated at that time and the symptoms became gradually worse. Additional symptoms included stiffness in the neck and legs, a slow walking pace, and weakness in both arms. His doctor prescribed Sinemet which helped improve his condition, but in August 2011, the stiffness in the neck and legs got worse and his doctor increased the dosage of Sinemet. Currently, the tremors are not so noticeable but there is still stiffness and bradykinesia.

During the admission examination, the tongue was thick with a greasy coating and was yellow and white and patchy in distribution. The respiration in both lungs was clear, with no dry or moist rales. Through auscultation, it was determined that the heart sounds were strong, and there was no murmur in the valves. There was slight abdominal bloating and distension. There was pressing pain in the middle and lower abdomen. There was no rebound tenderness. The bowel sounds were active. There was no edema in the lower limbs. There was hyperactivity when he walked or when he tried to concentrate on doing things while moving.

During the nervous system examination, Ronald was alert and his speech was fluent. His memory and orientation were normal. The calculation ability was slightly poor. The tuning fork vibration sense in the right ear had almost disappeared. The left ear is normal. The deep, shallow, and, epicritic sensations were normal. Both hands could finish the rapid rotation test, but slowly. The bilateral finger-to-nose-test and digital opposition test was accurate. The movements of the digit opposition test and rapid rotation test had shaking. The bilateral heel-knee-shin test was stable and accurate. The walking gait was normal (when under the control of medication). The Romberg's sign was positive. When Ronald was tested by standing on one leg at a time, his balance was unstable.

Ronald received all of the relevant examinations. He received anti-Parkinson's medication, acid suppression therapy, and treatment to aid in digestion. He also received treatment to strengthen the gastrointestinal motility, expand the blood vessels to improve the blood-supply, nourishment for the neurons, had the immune system strengthened and had the blood pressure brought under control. This was combined with physical rehabilitation therapy.

After the completion of the autologous stem cell treatment, the coating on the tongue is not as severe. The abdominal distension and abdominal pain has been alleviated obviously. The hyperactivity when he walks has been reduced noticeably. There were no noticeably tremors when he does fine movements with his hands. The Romberg's sign was negative. The amount of time that he's able to stand on one leg has increased and the balance has improved. The walking speed has increased. The muscle strength and endurance of all four limbs has increased. At present, the dosage of Sinemet has been reduced. The medication effects are more stable.


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