Amenda Cooper - Parkinson's disease (Australia) Updated on November 20, 2012

Name: Amenda Cooper
Sex: Female
Country: Australia
Age: 51
Diagnosis: Parkinson's disease
Admission Date: 2011-10-05
Days Admitted to Hospital: 28

Amenda Cooper was presented with rigidity of left shoulder for the past 3 years. The symptoms progressed gradually. The left limbs became rigid and the left hand developed static tremors. Amenda went to the neurology department at her local hospital and received a CT examination of the head and the results showed no abnormalities. She also received an MRI and the results also showed nothing abnormal. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease by her doctor. For medication she took Sifrol (Pramipexole) for treatment, but the medication was not effective. The symptoms continued to worsen. At present, Amenda can still take care of herself, but her movements are becoming slower and the symptoms are more severe in the evening. She can only walk a short distance and her balance and coordinated movements have been affected.

During admission Amenda had a limp when she walked. The left hand made a fist and the left forearm was raised when she walked. The movements of the left hand were not flexible and the left hand's pinkie finger was extended straight out with the movements of the hand.

During the nervous system examination Amenda was alert and her speech was fluent. Her orientation and memory were normal. Both eyes had slight horizontal nystagmus, and the convergence ability was poor. Amenda could turn her head slowly and slightly shrug her left shoulder. The muscle strength of the left arm was level 5-; the muscle strength of the right arm was level 5. The muscle strength of both legs was level 5. The muscle tone of the left arm was increased slightly. The muscle tone of the right arm and both legs was normal. The left side Hoffmann's sign was probable positive. The right side Hoffmann's sign was negative. The bilateral Rossolimo's sign was negative. The left side Babinski's sign was probable positive. Amenda could complete the finger-to-nose-test, rapid rotation test and the digit opposition test on the left side of the body, but in an unstable way. She could complete the finger-to-nose-test, rapid rotation test and the digit opposition test on the right side of the body in a stable way. The bilateral heel-knee-shin test was stable. The walking posture was abnormal. The Romberg's sign was positive.

Amenda received all of the relevant examinations and she received a clear diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. She received anti-Parkinson's medication and had the free radicals removed. She was given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels and nourishment for the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

After the treatment plan was completed, Amenda's speech was clearer than before and the volume of her voice had increased. She was able to turn her head to both sides and the shrugging of the shoulders is stronger. She has a better walking posture, the steps are more stable, and the limping is not as severe. There is no obvious raising action of the left arm when she walks and she can swing her arms normally. The balancing ability is better than before. She can walk in a straight line while using the balancing bar with some assistance. The balancing ability has increased when she stands on one leg. The limbs have no obvious tremors. The horizontal nystagmus has been reduced. Amenda feels more comfortable moving the left arm now. There were no obvious problems with starting her movements. She can stand up and sit down more easily. The muscle control of the limbs has improved. She can complete the finger-to-nose test, rapid rotation test and the digit opposition test more flexibly.

After discharge, Amenda email to us:


"Dear Sue & Bo

It is difficult to tell how successful the stem-cell treatment has been, and I guess it is too early to tell.... I am running low on some of my meds and my doctor is unable to prescribe them, as they are not used for treatment in PD.

My life has changed since i returned from China and live each day as if my last. The sense of appreciation for the little things is enormous. Some days I do struggle with my symptoms, whilst on other days it is difficult to believe i actually have PD. However overall big improvement! My husband is very pleased to see my improvements.

I guess you continue to be very busy in the centre. I have spoken to several people re the centre.

With warm regards"

Amenda Cooper


Hi Susan,
My name is Amenda Cooper, I was a patient in your hospital now @ 12 months ago!  How time flies, and how my life has changed for the better. I am able to have a relatively "normal"life, however I still rely on medication. Would I be able to order from you? I continue to take trivastal 50 mg TDS, vit b12, and my antidepressant you prescribed. I am hoping you would still have my discharge notes. Comming to your hospital was one of the best things I have done. You do not realise that what you have got until its gone.
I truly hope that this finds you in good health and spirits, and if Bo Cheng is still there, please give him my regards. I have been getting several enquirers about your hospital, so I am not sure if anyone from Australia has visited you.

Look forward to your reply,

kind regards,

Amenda Cooper


Dear Sue

Its amazing to think how quick time flies, and we already in the middle of February! Your new year celebration is also nearly there.

How have i been?

Reliant on my medication, still..... and have done some experimentation with my doctor to see which one works best, by slowly reducing the meds i was taking. It works very well, and keeps my symptoms well under control.

My life has changed since i returned from China and live each day as if my last. the sense of appreciation for the little things is enormous.

So how is Beijing?  freezing i imaging? Here in Perth it is rather hot! The last few days have in 37 degrees, and  no relief in sight.......I guess you continue to be very busy in the centre. I have spoken to several people re the centre, however from my point of view i am a little cautious, until i really know how this has been working for me. I have received several emails to which i have replied. Really just initial enquiries.

Well I really hope that this finds you in good health and spirits!<

With warm regards,

Amenda Cooper


Hi Julia,

Time just flies and I have to reorder some more medication,might order for 6 months this time so that would cover xmas and new year here.

So things are going very well here, and most of the time I feel like a normal human being.
I have been busy with the cafe as well as fundraising and have attached a link that you can have a look at.  It is a fundraising project  to raise money
 for child health research.,

Life has been and continues to be great since my return from China, and I embrace each day with so much more passion and humbleness since I feel I have been given another change??\

Anyway how are you?

Imaging just as busy as ever..

If you ever come over to OZ, you have a place to stay.

with kind regards

Amenda Cooper


Good morning Dr Susan
With the pending Chinese Holidays  could I place an order for the Trastal (Peribedil SR 50 mg), Piribedil 吡贝地尔, ?
Is it possible to order 6 mnts this time?
Trust all is well and you and your team are busyJ, do you get a break at all?
I am feeling great, a positive mind, meditation and medication keeps my life in balance
Thank you in advance

Kind regards

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