Trinidad-Parkinson Disease-(Philippines)

Name: Trinidad De Leon ramos   

Sex: Female

Country: Philippines

Age: 59

Diagnosis: Parkinson's disease

Days Admitted to the Hospital: 36

Trinidad developed slowness of movement in the arms and legs without any obvious causes about 2 years ago. As a result she had difficulty with initiating her body movements and turning. The left limbs had tremors while she was not moving and the limbs would seize up. Trinidad had muscle pain throughout her body. Her condition was eventually aggravated and her facial expressions became stiff. Trinidad's condition prompted her to visit the local hospital where she was examined and diagnosed with Parkinson disease. She was prescribed Sinemet and Neurontin for her symptoms and the tremors in the left limbs were alleviated as well as the muscle pain throughout the body. Other symptoms continued to worsen though which led to bouts of depression and a sleep disorder.

When Trinidad was admitted to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, she was given a complete examination. She was able to complete various tests such as the rapid rotation test, the finger-nose-test, and the digital opposition test but in a slightly uncoordinated manner. She could complete the heel-knee-shin test in a stable manner though. Trinidad walked slower than normal and was presented with a festinating gait.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and type 2 Diabetes by our doctors, Trinidad received anti-Parkinson's medication and anti-free radicals. She was also given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels and nourishment for the neurons. Nerve activation treatment was administered and we had her blood sugar levels brought under control. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

After the treatment program was completed Trinidad's overall mental outlook had improved. Her facial expressions are now less rigid and more natural. The difficulties she had with turning her body and shrugging her shoulders has been alleviated. The muscle rigidity and pain has also been alleviated. The muscle strength and endurance has increased. The muscle tone of the left arm and leg is now normal. There are no more tremors in the left arm. Trinidad's walking is more natural now and her arms move in a coordinated and flexible way. She can turn around more flexibly and when she walks her legs are more flexible as well. She can brush her teeth, wash her face, dress herself and lace up her shoes and perform other fine movements. Her handwriting is clearer now and there are no longer any obvious signs of micrographia. Trinidad can switch positions from a supine position to a sitting position and then stand up. She can do these actions quicker than before. Her balancing ability while standing on one leg has improved. She can now finish the finger-nose-test and rapid rotation test in a more coordinated manner.

Before being discharged from Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Trinidad gave her thanks to the various doctors and nurses who cared for her, as well as the members of the international department. She told us that her overall movements have noticeably improved and that she feels her life is back to normal now.


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After the discharge, the patient email to us:


"So far am doing great and back to my work. Thnak you so much for taking good care of me during my confinement at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center.

Very truly Yours,

Trinida Ramos"


Dear Susan,
So far am dong well though i have occasional stiffness in my arms and feet but not for a long time. My mental capability is sharp and am back to my normal work now.

Ia m very thankful to all doctors especially Dr.Wu and Dr. Weiwei Liu, all staff at your internation Department. Especially Lisa,all nurse in particular Jessica, my PT-Tony and OT Lily. You are all wonderful People. Thanks for caring and help in my healing. On June we will celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we will have party becease of my improving mobility, A million thanks to everybody at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center.

Mush love

Trinidad de Leon Ramos


Dear Susan,
I felt very well after my treatment in your hospital and while taking medication for 3 months.

Thanks and best regards,

Trinidad Ramos


Dear Dr. Susan,

Prosperous Year 2012 to all at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center.

It has been almost a year since I was admitted in your very prestigious hospital. Am still taking all my medication except Rilozule. So far am doing great and am back to my normal business life. I still do my physical exercises taught by Toni & Lily. I still have fond memories on my stay at your hospital especially the most caring doctor assigned to me Dr.Liu. The ever helpful  Lisa of your International Department. I will be forever grateful to all of you most especially Dr. Like Wu.

I would like to visit Beijing  again as tourist (not as patient)  and I will certainly visit your hospital. We are planning to tour Beijing on May 2012.  I had two(2) trips in China since I left your hospital  to buy our fabrics requirements in Shaoxing City near Shanghai and the other trip in Xiamen,China.

A million thanks again and again!!!!


Trinidad De Leon Ramos




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