Dinh Cong Bang-Parkinson Disease-(Vietnam)

Name: Dinh Cong Bang 
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Country: Vietnam
Diagnosis: Parkinson's disease
Days Admitted: 36

When Dinh was first admitted to a local hospital, his right leg had tremors and weakness. These symptoms made things difficult for him that he otherwise took for granted. One example is that he was unable to safely ride his motorcycle. The local hospital did not give him the proper diagnosis when he was there in August of 2003. After some time, the symptoms progressed and eventually became severe. When he returned to the local hospital he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was put on levodopa for treatment and gained positive results. In 2005, the forefinger on his right hand developed static tremors, which eventually extended to the upper arm. As a result, Dinh had difficulty with turning over, writing, and feeding and dressing himself. The doctors increased the dosage of levodopa which helped the symptoms. Later, Dinh developed tremors in the left leg as well. The right leg would drag and was unable to be raised from the floor. Dinh's condition has become more severe in recent years with added symptoms including a rigid facial expression, tremors in all four limbs, a weak voice and difficulty starting his bodily movements. This increase in the severity of the symptoms has greatly decreased Dinh's quality of life.

After the examination of the nervous system and the other relevant examinations,
Dinh was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Our doctors initially gave Dinh anti-Parkinson's treatment and anti-free radicals. He was also given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels to improve the blood-supply, nourishment for the neurons and we activated the neural stem cells and administered the stem cell injections. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training. During the treatment period, Dinh developed stomach pain which varied in its duration. Dinh told our doctors that he has suffered from stomach pain for many years, so chronic gastritis was considered. As a result, he was given appropriate treatment for the stomach condition.

After the completion of the treatment, Dinh had a more positive outlook. His facial expressions are now more natural. The muscles that raise the soft palate are strong and the uvula does not avert to the right as much anymore. The tremors in the tongue and limbs have mostly disappeared, but any stress Dinh experiences may induce the tremors to return. Dinh's writing ability has improved. The stomach pain has been alleviated, and there is no other discomfort.

Dinh and his family members are satisfied with the results, they say thanks to all the staff members at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. And his family member said Dinh's quality of life have been improved.

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