Won Hyun Soo-Parkinson-(Canada)

Name: Won Hyun Soo  
Sex: Male
Age: 64
Country: Canada
Diagnosis: Parkinson's disease
Beginning Treatment Date: 2010-08-25

Won's right arm would shake uncontrollably whenever he would try and use a phone, for example but the tremors were even more severe when the arm was at rest. The more the right arm moved the less severe the tremors were. During cold weather the tremors would get worse. Won didn't seek treatment for this condition for a while and as a result the tremors only increased, gradually. This influenced his daily life and made writing and grasping objects with his right arm difficult. He was eventually put on pramipexole to treat the condition. During this time he also sought out treatment at medical centers in Canada and Korea, and was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. He was once again put on pramipexole for treatment, but there were no obvious improvements. About two years ago the tremors in his right leg became severe and he developed a general weakness in both right limbs. He did not have noticeable difficulty with starting his movements or turning around.

Won decided to come to our medical center for treatment of his Parkinson disease after learning more about what our treatment could do for him.

Nervous System Examination:
The muscle strength of the right limbs was level 5-; the holding power of the right hand was level 5-. The muscle strength of the left limbs was level 5, the muscle tone of all four limbs was almost normal. The tendon reflexes of the limbs on the left side were normal; the tendon reflex of the right upper limb was active, but the right lower limb was weakened. The bilateral abdominal reflexes were normal. The bilateral Hoffmann's sign was negative, the bilateral palmomental reflex was negative, and the bilateral Babinski's sign was negative. The acupuncture sensation in the right side of the face was weak, the epicritic sensation was normal. Won was uncoordinated with the finger-nose-test, rapid rotation test and the digital opposition test. The right upper limb was more severe. Both lower limbs could complete the heel-knee-shin test in a stable manner. The Romberg's test was poor. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.
Won received all of the relevant examinations. He was diagnosed with Parkinson disease and received anti-Parkinson treatment and anti-free radicals. He was also given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels to improve the circulation, and given nourishment for the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

After the completion of the treatment program, Won's condition had shown good improvement. He was in good spirits and his sleeping habits improved. His facial expressions are more natural now and the static tremors in the right arm have decreased 90%; and the tremors completely disappear when he's active. When Won feels stress, his right upper limb and right lower limb experience static tremors, but the severity of the tremors has decreased, and he is able to better control them. He has normal posture when he walks, and his arms can swing freely. The grasping power of his right hand is level 5-, the muscle strength of the right leg is 5-, and the muscle strength of the other limbs is level 5. He can complete the finger-nose-test, rapid rotation test and the digital opposition test now, and the heel-knee-shin test is stable.

Won said: "before the treatment, my skin was dark and dim, the limbs had severe tremors. My legs and hands shook severely, and were beyond my control. After the treatment, the amount of the tremors has decreased, and I can now control them much better. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the stem cell treatment. I would highly recommend that anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson disease should consider coming to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center for treatment."

The entire staff hopes that Won will continue to see improvements in his condition and enjoy a better quality of life.

See Won's vedio:


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