William H. M.-Parkinson disease(USA)

NAME: William H. M.  

SEX: Male


AGE: 72

DIAGNOSIS: Parkinson's Disease

Before Treatment:

William was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. He had rigidity in his neck and shoulders which had a negative effect on his daily life. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at a local hospital. He had static tremors in his right upper limb 1 year ago, and then tremors developed in both the right lower limb and the left side of his body. He took Sinemet and Entacapone to control the symptoms. The disease developed gradually, until he had rigidity, walking difficulty, problems with drooling, slurred speech and a weak voice, so he decided to come to our hospital for further treatment.  

Upon arriving at our hospital his symptoms included rigidity, static tremors (more severe on the right side of his body), speech disturbance, drooling, and slow movement.


William received 4 neural stem cell injections.

After Treatment:

William can speak clearly; his voice is louder than before. His facial expressions are more natural now. He is stronger and more vigorous. His walking is more stable and when he walks; he can walk in a straight line. Turning around is easier and William can stand up easier than before. The treatment has stopped the drooling, as well.



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