We believe in the miracles!

Advanced medical treatment, stem cell therapy brings surprise and hope to children with cerebral palsy.

Sebastian used to be a very poor Uruguayan boy who suffered from hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy and epilepsy from an early age. But his adoptive parents, a kind couple Pablo who knew a lot of truth and science, brought good luck to Sebastian.

Sebastian is now a handsome 16-year-old boy, he has a pair of big bright eyes, always smiling at anyone, because he is happy and lucky. From a born plagued by diseases, thin baby, to be able to eat normally, strong, can play and study quietly alone, can communicate with people face to face, and know that his own hard training can make him better and make the family happier. Every step is permeated with the strong love of adoptive parents and the careful support of Dr. Wu's team.

The adoptive parents took 7-year-old Sebastian come to Beijing in 2013 after learning that stem cell therapy can improve their child's neurological diseases, and asked about the safety and effectiveness of Dr. Wu's team’s stem cell treatment, then began a journey of stem cell therapy that shocked everyone.

Here are the records of Sebastian's adoptive parents who have been communicating with us for his improvements via email between 2013 and 2015. Each letter is amazing. Stem cell therapy has significantly improved the poor child and brought surprise and hope to his family.

2013-06-26: Sebastian returned home a month after the first round stem cell treatment in Wu Medical Center:
Sebastian is going better every day!! He does the exercises with the therapist and the therapist said that he stands more strong holding with one hand and his legs are very strong too!!
Last week he increased his weight! Now is 22.5 kg.!! (He weight 21kg when he returned home from WMC.)
Another good news is he hasn't got a convulsion and he has a very good sense of humor because he always smile!
He paints with colors since last week and plays more with all kind of toys, he enjoys playing!
We are very happy because of his progress!

2013-07-04: Sebastian is good, he increased his weight now. When we return from the Hospital he was 21k and now he has 24k!!
He is doing exercises every day and he is very happy always too! All the people see the changes in his life!

2013-07-14: Sebastian is good and continues eating everything. He increased his weight. He plays more and does the exercises and he is learning to paint with colors. He is growing very good, eats more and more and alone!!!!

2013-10-6: Me and my family are very good and Sebastian is very good too.
He increased 1kg more this week. Now is in 27 kg!!!!!
All of us have saw the changes and the behavior of Sebastian!!

2013-12-17: We are so happy and expecting a lot, the arrive of the second week of April 2014 to see all of you again.
Sebastian is good, feels happy , increase his weight, eat a lot and do more things than before to go to China, but sometimes, not always, he feels like in another world because reacts and acts differently.
We are giving medicine in the correct time, doing exercises every day and plays with him all the time and plays with all of his toys.
Today he had a bad seizure that lasted 5 minutes. The last was in June.
Anyway, we have seen good changes in their behavior since returning home and we noticed them, and many people have seen the changes too.

In 2014, Sebastian's adoptive parents brought him to Beijing for a second stem cell treatment.

2014-05-30: We are fine!!! So I decide to write and send to you this picture of Sebastián drinking "mate" in the morning!!! Now it's so cold here, and we take care with him.

2014-06-14: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we take Sebastián to do exercises. We show the indications of the exercises plan that you gave us. We have seen that Sebastián has good attitude to do the exercises and the therapist works hard especially with the right leg.!!! And has the look more fixed.

2014-06-27: I talk every day about Stem Cells with a lot of people. I want to prepare a meeting with future patients.
Sebastián is doing exercises with a good attitude but I have a question: sometimes bites his hand as nervous and tightened strong teeth, it is because of the results of the blood test values? Any suggestions?
And another good thing is that he turn on and turn off the TV and computer. He is always attentive to every conversation, we notice about it.

2014-6-29: You must know, that today, in the morning he ask me for his breakfast and told me:" Hurry up, I want to eat" and another word he says now is "goal" because of The World Cup.!!!
We can see every day that he wants to do more things and he wants to show us that he can do.!!!We are very happy for that!!!

2014-7-30: Now his weight is 30.5kg!!! It´s incredible!!!
Sebastian continues to do exercises every day and also attends a school for occupational therapy with another children.
I was talking to the director of the institute where Sebastian attends and she is very interested in doing a talk on stem cells because many children who attend could be treated. And the wife of Cuban therapist who serving Sebastian also has to be treated as suffering from Alzheimer. As you can see I´m talking with all of people about Stem Cells because I believe in this treatment!!! It´s the only way to have a better quality of life and we know!!!

2014-8-10: Sebastián continues doing exercises every day in a Private Institute and with the Cuban therapist who lives in our city since 3 years ago, and when we returned to our house, he felt very tired and sleep very normal. We gives him the medicine every day in the correct time: 9am, 4pm and 8pm.
We see sometimes that he try to read a paper, book or a magazine but only see and we ask what he likes and he don´t ask but smiles always. He intends to communicate, he wants, but we know and can see that he feels limited.
Sebastian always surprises and always had something extra strength since birth because it teaches you that anything is possible!!!
In one of the photos is with grandparents, they are very happy with him and in other, he intended to walk alone!!! WE SAW, WE SAW, BUT HE DIDN´T CONTINUE!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE, ONLY FOR 10 SECONDS...!!!
We hope and we are waiting for the day that he surprised us walking alone!!!

2014-9-15: Sebastián is very well and his sense of humor is good.

2014-9-18: The teacher of Sebastián at the school, told me that he has a good behavior, always smiles and she see that he is more concentrate than last year. She also told me that he wants to talk more and plays with other things.
I told her (the teacher) that Sebastián spends more time standing looking at the Windows, right and greeting people!!!
He continues doing exercises, drawing, painting, eating all and plays with a notebook that have received from the school. I can see a good sense of humor!

2014-09-27: Sebastián doing exercises every day!!!Tired... but always doing them!!! And More!!!

2014-12-01: You can see the attitude of Sebastián to walk (by the video). We are also designing a harness to walk better Sebastián.

2014-12-02: Now I am sending a copy of the results of the MRI that was done to Sebastian and you can see that says there´s No hydrocephalus!!!We are very very very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We believe in the miracles!!!

2015-3-31: Here I´m sending a copy of a new blood test and pictures of Sebastian taking now!!!!!!!

2015-5-24: Claudia and I have established a foundation with the name of Sebastián. We had founded the Foundation for the purpose of helping many children they can get access to China for treatment with stem cells.
It´s was very difficult to get the money. It was very difficult to raise the money!!! So we decided create the Foundation.

2015-7-15: Now Sebastian is grown, getting improved and we take him to the school, doing exercises and plays with his toys. He always watch TV, turn on and turn off.
We continue giving the medicine that you had indicated and provided. There's no more seizure and he is very happy every day.
Although he is good now he need to increase his intelligence development. Every day he talks another new word. He understand everything that we indicate but he need to increase his intelligence development.
We have faith and trust in the next Stem Cells Treatment because we know he will be better!!

Sebastian's adoptive parents are not billionaires, and the money they save for Sebastian's treatments is dollar by dollar. Sebastian, from a sick and weak abandoned baby, to now his own illness can be improved bit by bit, he also learned to always adhere to cooperate with the training, complete every progress, and strive to be a normal person. All this stems not only from the kindness of Sebastian's adoptive parents, but also from their recognition of modern science and advanced medical treatment, stem cell treatment brings good news to these children with hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. As a result, Sebastian's adoptive parents also want to use their own experience of stem cell therapy to improve children's neurological disorders and set up a foundation to help Sebastian and more children and parents with the same experience to fulfill their aspirations and dreams for a healthy family life.

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