I will return for the treatment again!

Not a cure but effectively stopping or reversing some ALS symptoms.

Sarah is a cheerful, beautiful 33-year-old American lady with many friends. She loves to laugh, loves life, family and work, but life has presented a difficult problem when she is so young:

Before, there was no obvious inducement in 2017 when Sarah’s strength of the left leg weakened and gradually aggravated. This was followed by weakness of the right leg and an abnormal walking gait. The disease worsened progressively, accompanied by muscle bundle tremor, muscle atrophy and later involving both arms. At the local hospital she was diagnosed with ALS in May 2018 and began to be treated with riluzole 50mg twice a day. However, her condition continued to progress and both legs could not walk independently by the end of 2018.

Sarah is very brave and she is just like her previous career: A handsome patrol officer who adheres to the truth, has the courage to face the facts and gives positive solutions. Sarah, with the active cooperation of her family and friends, compared various well-known hospitals, experts and treatments around the world and finally chose Dr. Wu and his team for stem cell treatment at the end of 2019.

When she was admitted to the hospital,
 she was unable to complete daily activities independently, she could not turn over on the bed, sit up, maintain a sitting position, stand, walk, brush teeth, wash, etc. She constantly needed other people's assistance,
 when eating she needed other people to feed her,
 diet, speech, swallowing were normal,
 breathing needed ventilator-assistance,
 the weight loss in the last year is 12Kg,
 the heart rate 110 beats per minute,
 no sensory disorders.

After learning more about Sarah and based on his years of experience in neurological diseases and stem cell treatment, as well as applying the safest and most effective principles, Dr. Wu gave Sarah a tailor-made stem cell treatment plan in conjunction with CAST (Drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy).

Sarah received the 14 days treatment:
3 implantations of neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells were given to start the repair and help the replacement of motor nerves and activate stem cells in the body.
 improve the internal environment,
 nutrition nerve (Edaravone, ganglioside ester, neurotrophic factor, nerve growth factor),
 regulate immunity,
 improve circulation
 other treatments.
 continue to use non-invasive ventilator to assist breathing
 rehabilitation training.

Everything was going on smoothly, safely and effectively…

After 14 days treatment,
 Sarah’s respiratory function was improved and the condition of hypoxia was improved.
 The heart rate recovered from 110 beats / min for a long time to 85 / min to 90 beats / min.
 Her exercise endurance was increased remarkably, head and neck support, arm strength, translation and rotation of both arms were now increased.
 Her grip strength of both hands was increased with the left hand grip strength 4 +, right hand grip strength 4.
 Her left leg muscle strength 2 -, right leg muscle strength 2 +, arm muscle strength increased by 10%. The legs muscle strength increased by 20% and knee flexion support of her legs on the bed can now be completed.

Sarah and her family were satisfied with the results of the treatment which gave her more confidence. She conscientiously documented her experience of the treatment at Wu Medical Center on Facebook :

“…Bottom line, I’m thankful to have this opportunity and thankful for Dr. Wu and his team…”

Sarah can now smile more happily. People who love to laugh will have good luck, we wish Sarah all the best!

To learn more Sarah Anne Olsen’s treatment story, please refer to the following link:
Sarah Anne Olsen-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-(USA)



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