Small cells, significant improvements

Stem cells help PVL girl improved much within 5 months after the treatment.

Every parent wants their children to grow up healthily. Sofia is a lovely 8 years old Uruguay girl, with white skin, long eyelashes, a pair of big eyes flickering, but Sofia can not participate in all kinds of sports and activities and study like children of the same age.

Where to go for treatment, how to treat it, how effective it is, whether it is safe or not. This series of questions have been perplexing Sofia's parents. Last summer, parents took Sofia to Dr.Wu and his medical team, so that the Sofia family was no longer anxious or confused. The whole family was greeted with joy and happiness.

Sofia underwent a cesarean section at 32 weeks, weighed 1kg at birth, and was diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome. She has growth retardation and was diagnosed as having "periventricular leukomalacia" at the local hospital.

When Sofia came to our hospital last summer
 her pronunciation was OK but so far the language was limited to a few words and she couldn’t speak sentences,
 she was able to understand what others are saying,
 her both eyes could chase light, the cognition of color was uncertain,
 she couldn’t go to the toilet independently,
 she couldn’t walk well,
 she couldn't draw or count,
 both arms could do fine movement but the strength was not good.

After 14 days of treatment in our hospital, Sofia has made a clear improvement in limb strength, motor ability, balance ability and language ability.

In January this year, Sofia's parents wrote to us to tell us that Sofia had improved significantly further:
 Sofia has had improvements in her physique, she has more strength in her legs and arms too.
 she manages to run and jump better than before, jump steps almost alone. Go up and down stairs alternating her feet better than before, with more security.
 her stroke is firmer and safer. She manages to draw asses and with help she is trying to draw the human figure.
 she can identify colors,
 she can count the numbers from 1 to 10.
 from a squatting position she manages to stand with greater determination.
 her attention span has also improved,
 she manages to stay in the same activity longer.
 she has incorporated new words and sometimes arms sentences of 2 words. When she can't say the whole word, she says the last syllable. Repeat all the words the parents request.

During Sofia’s treatment period, Mr. Sergio Della Valle, consul of the Uruguayan embassy, visited Wu Medical Center(WMC) and showed solicitude to the Uruguayan patients. He praised the quality medical services of WMC.

2020-9-25 Sofia´s Mom, Virginia emailed us happily:
I wanted to tell you that Sofia is very well, she has completed the entire medication plan that you established, about a month ago. We have noticed many favorable changes in her during this year. She has
gained weight, grown in height, improved her language and the most noticeable changes have been in the motor part.

2022-11-26 Sofia´s Mom, Virginia emailed us excitedly:
Hello everyone, how are you there? I hope everything is going very well. I wanted to tell you that Sofia has been very good, with a lot of advances, many linked to language.

Small stem cells, during more than 3 years the 14 days treatment, Sofia constantly has further significant and clear improvement, thus helping the Sofia family to put aside the dark clouds, so that Sofia's growth and childhood will have more laughter and laughter.

To learn more about Sofia Granja's patient story and treatment, please refer to the link below:

Sofia Granja-Periventricular Leukomalacia-(Uruguay)



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