What is wrong with me?

From patient to normal via CAST (drug Cock-tailed Stem Cell Therapy)

Fredrick is a handsome Ugandan 42-year-old young man. Like lots of normal people his past time leaves him very beautiful memories but he suddenly met with a big trouble in his body during his 32nd year… he was found to have balance disturbance in 2013.

 Head MRI: cerebellar atrophy.
 He had worse balance disturbance.
 He had language problems one and half years ago. It was cerebellar language.
 He often choked 1 year ago, the diagnosis was still undetermined and untreated.
 He has abnormal gait, he could not stand on one foot and sometimes he falls.
 But he could take care of himself most of time.

So he went to a hospital again and again but the diagnosis was undetermined and untreated.
What is wrong with me?

As a normal man in his prime, he should go out to work, support his family, honor his parents, become a competent son, husband and father. Fredrick wanted to have a better treatment so his family and he struggled to find Dr. Wu 's medical team to receive the most advanced, safest, most effective and most natural stem cell therapy in the world.

As an expert with many years of experience in neurological diseases and stem cell treatment, Dr. Wu learned in detail about Fredrick, initially diagnosed him as having cerebellar ataxia and then gave him a careful treatment plan step by step. So Fredrick received 3 rounds of stem cell treatment to repair his damaged nerves, replace dead nerves, nourish nerves, regulate his immune system and improve blood circulation. This was combined with rehabilitation training.

After the 1st round treatment in 2015,
 his equilibrium sense was better,
 the finger-to-finger test and rapid rotation test were faster,
 both side finger-to-nose test and heel-knee-tibia test were better than before,
 the Romberg's sign was not obvious,
 he could stand on one foot for 20 seconds and he could walk straighter.

After the 2nd round treatment in 2016,
 he didn’t have nystagmus,
 the Romberg's sign was negative,
 he could stand on his left foot for more than 20 seconds and the right foot for 10 seconds,
 he could stand better and walk a more straight line.

After the 3rd round treatment in 2018,
 his motor function was better, he could stand better and walk straighter,
 he could speak clearer,
 his fingers were flexible,
 the balance function in his legs was better, he could now stand on his left foot for more than 20 seconds and on the right foot for 10 seconds.
 the Romberg's sign was negative.

Fredrick's condition is getting better day by day and his whole family and friends are very happy. We believe that in the near future Fredrick will love his parents, wife, children and friends as before and have everything that belongs to him. Come on Fredrick.

To learn more Fredrick Tugume’s treatment story, please refer to the following link:
Fredrick Tugume-Cerebellar Ataxia-(Uganda)




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