Light brings hope and exercise makes me happy.

Optic neuroretinopathy of prematurity grade 5+SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) girl restores light and motor function within a happy 14-day treatment period in Wu Medical Center

Carolina is a 24-year-old beautiful Argentinian girl with white skin, long brown hair and white teeth when she smiles, but she has been in close contact with the hospital since she was born. Everyone hopes that Carolina, a beautiful girl, will have the opportunity to live as a normal person.

Carolina was born prematurely at 25 weeks of pregnancy and was treated with oxygen in the incubator for 25 days after birth. After examination the doctor found that the optic nerve and retinal development of Carolina was abnormal and the vision was impaired. It was diagnosed as "Optic neuroretinopathy of prematurity grade 5" after examination. At two years of age her parents took her to a superior hospital for surgical treatment without improvement in vision after the operation.

The most heartbreaking thing is that she has a history of familial spinal muscular dystrophy with gradual loss of motor function of both legs and also muscle atrophy.

Carolina's family did not give up because of her illness, but kept looking for the safest, most effective and least painful treatment, trying to find the best opportunity for changing her fate. They compared well-known hospitals, well-known experts and various active treatments around the world and finally chose Wu Medical Center.

At the beginning of this year, Carolina, accompanied by her family, came to our hospital.
 her binocular vision was completely lost and there was no sense of light,
 both legs could not move on the bed,
 she could not stand or walk,
 she had been treated surgically because of scoliosis.

After learning the details of Carolina and based on his years of rich experience in neurological diseases and stem cell treatment, Dr. Wu tailored a stem cell treatment plan for her to work with CAST (Drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy). The hope was to make this beautiful girl happy after spending 14 days in our hospital.

Everything was going on smoothly, safely and effectively…

After 14 days treatment
 Carolina’s eyes could now locate the light source with her left eye more sensitive than her right eye,
 she had increased muscle power of the four limbs:
 The muscle power of the arms increased 10% with the proximal muscle strength now grade 5-, the distal adductor muscle strength was grade 5-, the extensor muscle strength was grade 4+ and the grip strength was grade 5-.
 The muscle power of her legs increased 30-40% with the muscle strength of both legs now grade 4 and the translation speed was faster than before. She could raise her legs easier and stand with help.

A week after she was discharged from the hospital Carolina's family emailed us attached videos which showed us how she trained at home.
“I attached a video so the doctors can see how Carolina is raising her legs higher…”

2021.5.3 Carolina’s family told us:
She can tell when the objects in front of her face is round or long. When the day is clear, she can distinguish exactly.
Also we can see that she is stronger than before via the videos from her home.

"Light brings hope, exercise makes me happy." We are looking at Carolina in the video happily and strong riding a bike alone, speak out the objects in front of her face and knowing everyone is very happy ~

Bless Carolina, we all hope her life can be better and better!

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