Ines Pilar Martinez Pavo-Retinopathy of Prematurity-(Spain)

Name: Ines Pilar Martinez Pavo
Sex: Female
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 2Y
Diagnosis: Retinopathy of Prematurity
Discharge Date: 2019/10/01

Before treatment:
The baby was born prematurely at 29 weeks. There was no hypoxia or asphyxia at birth. 40 days after birth the doctor found that her vision was impaired, the retina of the right eye was completely detached and only a small part of the retina was retained in the left eye which was diagnosed as "retinopathy of prematurity". The left eye was given surgical treatment to prevent further retinal detachment. At present the right eye is completely blind and the left eye retains only a weak sense of light.
Her spirit is normal, sleep and diet are normal. Her urination and defecation functions are basically normal.

Admission PE:
Height 80cm, weight 9kg. The patient was not co-operative in vital signs examinations. She has stunted physical development and poor nutrition. There were no yellow stains or bleeding spots of the skin or mucosa, a symmetrical chest, clear respiratory sounds of both lungs, no dry or moist rales heard, strong heart sounds, irregular heart rhythm and no obvious murmur heard in valves. There was a flat and soft abdomen with no masses with a normal liver and spleen.

Nervous System Examination:
The patient was alert, had clear speech, normal memory, calculation and,  orientation abilities. There was no pupil observed in the right eye, a round and equal pupil in the left eye without response to light. The color vision and nystagmus check were unfinished. She was completely blind in the right eye, had only faint light perception of the left eye and was unable to see objects or shapes. She had a symmetrical forehead wrinkle and nasolabial fold, normal swallowing, normal hearing and free neck movement. There was free limbs movement, normal muscle power and muscle tone of the 4 limbs, normal tendon reflex of the 4 limbs and a normal abdominal reflex. A negative sucking reflex, negative palm-jaw reflex bilaterally, negative Hoffmann sign bilaterally, negative Rossolimo sign bilaterally, negative Babinski sign bilaterally, normal deep and shallow sensation, normal coordination and a negative meningeal irritation sign.

After the admission she received 3 nerve regeneration treatments (neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells) to repair her damaged optic nerves and retinal cells, replace dead nerves and cells, nourish nerves and cells, improve body environment, regulate her immune system and improve blood circulation. This was combined with rehabilitation training.   

After 14 days treatment her left eye got a faint sensitivity to light, she had a sense of big objects and she could now walk around.

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