Mona Abdulaziz Alaqeel-Diabetes-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Mona Abdulaziz Alaqeel                
Sex: Female
Country: Saudi Arabia
Age: 52 years
Diagnosis: Diabetes type 2
Date: Feb. 6th, 2015
Days Admitted to Hospital: 19 days

Before treatment:
Mona Abdulaziz Alaqeel is a middle-age female. She was presented with a Diabetes type 2 for past 5 years. She couldn’t control her blood sugar well, and get tired easily. The average blood sugar: 16-26mmol/L. She had hypertension for 6 years; the highest pressure was 180/100mmHg. She took Valsartan 160mg every day but the blood pressure was still high. She had toothache 4 days before reporting to the hospital. The patient had history of other disease. There was no history of drug allergies.

Admission PE:
Bp: 168/98mmHg; Hr: 82/min. she was alert. Her right side gingival was slightly red and swollen. Her heart was normal and the respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no obvious rales. The rhythm of her heartbeat was normal, with no obvious murmur. Her abdomen was soft. The liver and spleen were normal. Both lower limbs were not dropsy. Fasting blood glucose: 16-19mmol/L. Postprandial blood sugar: 20-26mmol/L. she had fatty liver.

Nervous System Examination:
Mona Abdulaziz Alaqeel was alert but bad spirit. Her memory, calculation, orientation, comprehension and judgment were normal. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The tongue was in the center of her oral cavity. The movement of both eyeballs was flexible and both pupils were sensitive to light stimuli. She could lift her soft palate. Her neck was soft without opposition. She could shrug her shoulders strongly. The muscle power and tension of four limbs were normal. Her extremities have decreased pain sensation. Tendon reflex of her four limbs were normal. Bilateral palm jaw reflex was positive. Bilateral pathological sign was negative. Bilateral coordinate movement was normal. The meningeal irritation was negative.

Mona Abdulaziz Alaqeel received all the relevant examinations. Fasting blood glucose: 16-19mmol/L. Postprandial blood sugar: 20-26mmol/L. Her blood pressure was higher than 140/80mmHg most of the times. She was diagnosed with” Diabetes type 2, hypertensive 3 type, periodontitis, hepar adiposum. She was given treatment in order to control her blood pressure, sugar levels and organs functions and nourish the neurons. She was treated for periodontitis

At present, the patient’s spirit and body strength were good. Her blood pressure and blood sugar were stable. Fasting blood glucose: 5-7mmol/l, blood glucose after meal two hours: 10-13mmol/l. Her blood pressure: 120-130/75-85mmHg. Her tooth pain was less.


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