Abner Maldonado-Type 2 Diabetes (Guatemala) Post on March 8, 2011

Name: Abner Maldonado       
Sex: Male
Age: 57
Country: Guatemala
Diagnoses: 1.Type 2 Diabetes, 2. Hypertension  grade 1, higher risk
Beginning Treatment Date: 2011-02-06
Days Admitted to our Hospital: 23

About 5 years ago, Abner's blood sugar level started to become on the high side. As a result, he went to the local hospital and was put on hypoglycemic medication, but his blood sugar levels remained elevated. The highest blood sugar level reached 50mg/dl 2 hours after eating. Abner also suffered from depression, weakness and fatigue. At present, he is taking sitagliptima/ metformina 50mg/500mg, once respectively in the mornings and evenings. The fasting blood sugar level is 7.6mmol/l; the blood sugar level is 11.4mmol/l after eating. They were aware that Wu Stem Cells Medical Center has treated other patients with Diabetes in the past. After consulting with our doctors, they decided to our medical center for treatment.

After Abner received the relevant examinations. He was given treatment in order to control his blood sugar levels, lower his blood pressure, protect the liver, expand the blood vessels, nourish the neurons and had his weight brought under control. Abner received stem cells activated treatment.

After the completion of the treatment program, Abner's fasting blood-glucose level was between 4.5mmol/L and 6.1 mmol/L. The liver functioning is almost normal. Two hours after eating the blood sugar level is stabilized between 5.4mmol/l and 8mmol/l, the blood pressure is stabilized between 120-130/80-90mmHg. Abner's body weight has been reduced from the time he was admitted to our hospital.

After treatment. His oral hypoglycimic agents is decreased gradually and the blood sugar is under control. Abner is satisfied with treatment effect. So he introduced his elder brother to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center for treatment.

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