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Name : Lily Sex : Female Nationality : Nigerian Age : 10Y Diagnosis : Autism Discharge Date : 2018/12/21 Before treatment: The child was born naturally in the ninth month of gestation and no abnormalities were found during pregnancy and at birth. W


Name : Adam Sex : Male Nationality : Australian Age : 5Y Diagnosis : Autism Discharge Date : 2018/02/12 Before treatment: The patient was born when his mother had a caesarean when she was 42 weeks pregnant. When he was 10 months old his family memb

Le Marco-Autism-(UK)

Name : Le Marco Sex : Male Nationality : UK Age : 11Y Diagnosis : Autism Discharge Date : 2018/05/07 Before treatment: The patients speaking ability was worse than normal kids, he also had abnormal mental behavior then he was diagnosed with autism.

Moawiz Bin Ali-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name : Moawiz Bin Ali Sex : Male Nationality :Pakistani Age : 10Y Diagnosis : Autism Before treatment: The patient was a full-term delivery baby. He had amniotic fluid aspiration when he was born so he was put in incubator for 10 days. He was norma

Muhammad Ali-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name : Muhammad Ali Sex : Male Nationality : Pakistani Age : 10Y Diagnosis : Autism Before treatment: The patient was cesarean born, he was normal when he was born, he spoke when he was 4 months old, he was just a normal kid before 2 years old, he

Abbas Habib-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name: Abbas Habib Sex : Male Nationality : Pakistani Age : 20Y Diagnosis : Autism Before treatment: Abbas was a full-term normal delivery baby, the doctor used suction apparatus to help him to be born. When he was one and half year old, he was foun

Joanna Kristina Olivia-Autism-(Indonesia)

Name : Joanna Kristina Olivia Sex : Female Nationality : Indonesian Age : 13Y Diagnosis : Autism Before treatment: The patient was found to have language development retardation. As a two and a half year old she could say very simple words but not

Endel Rodriguez-Autism-(Puerto Rico)-Posted on Sept.13th, 2016

Name: Endel Rodriguez Sex: Male Nationality : Puerto Ricans Age: 9 Diagnoses: 1. Autism 2. Aphasia Date of Admission: July 18th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/15days Before treatment: When Endel was 1 and half years old, his par


Name: Martin Sex : Male Nationality: UK Age: 6 Diagnosis: Autism Date of Admission: April 11, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/20 days Before treatment: Martins sucking function was bad when he was born, so his parents took him to


Name: Alan Sex: Male Nationality: UK Age: 6 Years Diagnosis: 1. Autism 2. Epilepsy Date of Admission: Feb.19, 2016 Before treatment: Alan was normal when he was born, but he began to have epileptic seizures when he was 4 and half months old. When h


Name: Leo Sex: Male Nationality: Australian Age: 5 Years Diagnosis : Autism Date of Admission: Feb.16, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/14 days Before treatment: Leo was hyperactive at the age of 1.He developed his speaking ability

Ahsan Amer-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name: Ahsan Amer Sex: Male Country: Pakistan Age: 17 years Diagnosis :Autism Date :July 21, 2014 Before treatment: The patient suffered from language deficit when he was 1 year and 6 months old. He had less communication with others. He bites

Malachi Kenken - Autism (Papua New Guinea) Posted on August 15, 2014

Name : Malachi Kenken Sex: Male Country : Papua New Guinea Age: 9 years Diagnosis: Autism Date: July 21, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 21 days Before treatment: He was born through a full-term normal delivery. There was no history of oxygen defic

Karry Haeed-Autism and Schizophrenia-(Saudi Arabia)

Name : Karry Haeed Sex : Female Country : Saudi Arabia Age: 42 years Diagnosis: 1. Type 1 Diabetes 2. Autism and Schizophrenia Days Admitted to Hospital: 27 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from coma, hyperhidrosis and son symptoms

Joern Abel-Autism-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Joern Abel Sex: Male Country: Saudi Arabia Age:34 years Diagnosis: Autism Before treatment: Joern Abel was almost a normal boy before 5 years old. He could walk when he was 1 and a half years. He could speak when he was 2 and a half years old.

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