105-year-old grandmother's secret of longevity: Stem cell anti-aging therapy.

Stem cell anti-aging therapy once a year, thus centenarian can still take care of her own life and take care of her families too.

"I wish you a long life." At birthday parties in China this is everyone's best wishes to those who celebrate their birthday. Grandma Aihua, who is 105 years old, can still take care of herself, thread needles, exercise alone, do housework at home and take care of her family. Everyone will ask: Grandma, what is your secret to longevity? Grandma Aihua even made the front page of the local evening newspaper at the age of 101 under the headline, “The way to a 101-year-old lady's longevity”.

In addition to staying optimistic, exercising and eating a balanced diet, grandma Aihua, now 105 years old, smiles and tells us a little secret: She has stem cell anti-ageing treatment every year.
As an old Chinese saying goes: There is an old man at home, such as a treasure. Grandma Aihua's family and friends hope she can accompany everybody healthily and happily for a long life. So when she was 98 years old her family accompanied her to Wu Medical Center for the anti-aging therapy.

The results of the physical examination before treatment are as follows:
 She suffered from hypomnesis, encephalatrophy.
 She suffered from diabetes type 2.
 She couldn’t do the right calculation when she paid the bills.
 She was easy to be tired.
 She slept 4-5 hours a day.

Using a comprehensive understanding of grandma Aihua's physical condition, the aspirations of her family and according to his years of neurological treatment, geriatric treatment and stem cell anti-aging treatment with rich successful experience Dr. Wu devised a treatment plan. In line with the principle of safe, effective, less pain treatment he tailored for grandma Aihua a fine treatment program using his original CAST (drug Cocktail Aided Stem Cell Therapy) treatment. Grandma Aihua successfully completed the stem cell anti-aging treatment program.

Everything was progressing smoothly, safely and effectively…

After 10 days treatment,
 Grandma Aihua’s spirit was good.
 She was able to sleep for 6-7 hours a day.
 She also had more energy and body strength,
 Her recent memory and immediate memory were better,
 Her calculation ability was better.
 Her blood sugar was stable. Fasting blood glucose: 5-6mmol/l, blood glucose after meal two hours: 6-8mmol/l.
 Her blood pressure: 120-130/75-85mmHg.

After the treatment Grandma Aihua felt more refreshed, relaxed, slept better, improved all kinds of geriatric symptoms to a certain extent and became more confident for her happy life. So she comes to Wu Medical Center to do stem cell anti-aging treatment every year since then. After giving stem cell anti-aging treatment and following up with a lot of elderly people for many years we confirmed that stem cell anti-aging therapy is effective and can help people stay young for a long time even after one treatment. This treatment is beneficial and harmless to the body and can be accepted repeatedly.

Grandma Aihua, 105 years old, have you learned the secret of longevity?

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